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We help clients with their business development, marketing, content and copywriting, customer engagement, strategic planning and client representation needs. We work with clients in the UK and beyond and are based in Chichester, West Sussex.

Kaliko Consultancy helps your business to grow by acting as an outsourced marketing and business development limb of your business. If you don’t have the time or resources to market your own business, we help you to build your brand, business development and bottom line.

Our expertise in sales and marketing enables our clients to engage more effectively with their customers by understanding who their target markets are and how to engage with them through effective marketing.

Our strategic support services help our clients to recognise new areas of opportunity, work more effectively and win new business.

Contact Kaliko consultancy today on 0772 912 1562 or email to see how Kaliko can help your business move in the right direction.

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Having an awareness of our external environment is paramount to understanding the behaviours of our target audiences. Adapting business and marketing activities to suit the the needs, interests and behaviours…

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Marketing Consultancy   Business development  |  Content Writing

mugshot 3Kaliko Consultancy was founded in 2013 by Kate Hobson, a business and management post graduate with over 15 years of sales and marketing consultancy and strategic planning.

Kaliko has worked with a number of businesses across the UK and Europe across multiple industries including marine, luxury goods and services, corporate services and horticulture to help clients to grow and reach their full potential.

As well as working with clients, Kate has volunteered as a guest lecturer in business studies at Chichester College,  digital marketing at Chichester University, participated as a panelist and speaker at local networking events and is a trustee of the Friends of Chichester Hospitals.

For more information on how Kaliko can help your business to grow, contact Kate at




Current projects include ghost writing for global corporates, weekly website updates for independent retailers and service providers, marketing material copy and design, editorial, press releases, blog and social media content

Sales Representation

Whether it's attending meetings, creating and delivering sales pitches or a presence at corporate events - Kaliko can offer full representation on your behalf acting as an ambassador to your business and dealing with your client facing affairs


If you have the right product or service but are not getting the results you were expecting from your existing marketing strategy, Kaliko can help you to refresh your brand and make it more engaging to your target audience

Proof Reading and Website Content

With over a decade of experience in proof reading and creating website content across a number of industries, if you need help writing or proofing any aspect of your marketing collateral, from content writing to editing existing work with a fresh pair of eyes, Kaliko can help you

Digital Marketing

From social media campaigns to blogs, newsletters and beyond - we cover all aspects of the marketing mix to get your business in front of the right audience

Market Analysis

Benchmarking your company against competitors and identifying your target market can be time consuming and costly. Kaliko can research your market, areas of potential growth and competitors to benefit your business

Lead Generation

Bespoke lead generation to meet your business requirements. Localised prospecting, email campaigns and face to face visits are just some of the ways Kaliko can turn local contacts into qualified leads for your business

Strategic Planning

If you need help with developing an effective marketing strategy - with years of expertise across multiple industries, let us help you to move your business forward

Friends of Chichester Hospitals


It is hard to put into words how much Kate has done for us. As a company, we could not be more honoured and grateful to have crossed paths with Kate. She has been an absolute rock to us and has stood by the business through thick and thin. Her presence and expertise is a shining light. She has been such a positive influence on the company and has helped us with everything from social media, marketing and business development to training, staff development and business advice. Kate is wonderful to work with and we would recommend her to everyone- and do! Thank you Kate, really, we don't know where we would be without you!

Stephanie Willkins, Director, Home and Dry - WebSite

As a health and fitness professional, my experience in the intricacies of running a business was limited. My company was without direction before I had the good fortune of meeting Kate from Kaliko Consultancy . After setting personal and professional goals, Kate developed strategies to empower me to reach each and every one. From developing policies and procedures, improving customer service, to becoming more profitable and seeking Grant funding. Kate was there to educate, mould and encourage me to become a better business owner. She will take your business and treat it as if it were her own. She is truly a talent and will add significant value to your business.

Doug Millen, General Manager at Grit Gym & Nutrition - WebSite

Having recently set up a fairly complex technology business I decided to enlist the help of Kate at Kaliko to identify key areas where I may be able to improve both my marketing and general business strategy. I have been delighted with the results of this. Firstly Kate has been able to identify areas where general improvements can be made in the presentation of my company to my particular client base, these are areas that I would have simply overlooked due to dealing with too many other aspects of the business and being to some extent blind to the outside world's perception of what service i was offering. These improvements were key to giving the correct impression of my business to my target market. Secondly her wealth of experience and diverse understanding of different business models, consumer trends and routes to market have proved invaluable at this very early stage in my own business venture , and indeed anyone that decides to enlist Kate for their own business needs

John Truman, Director, Pulsetech - WebSite
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Friends of Chichester Hospitals


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