Is your content marketing effective?

Uncategorized 03rd Jun 2019

Whether online or offline, your written content and marketing material needs to engage and inspire your target audience in order to be effective. We often get blinded by our business or industry and forget to use some basic but essential tactics when creating engaging content for our outbound marketing. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself when creating marketing material for your business:

1) Is your content topic relevant to your target audience? Have you used relevant keywords?

2) Is it personal and interesting to read? Ask questions, include interesting facts and information that your target audience would find interest.

3) Is it the right length? Try to keep emails, blogs, articles, reviews, etc down to a 400-500 words. Keep sentences to the point and avoid waffle.

4) Have you included engaging images? No matter what marketing channel you are writing for, content with images gets far more engagement than content without.


5) Have you included the 5 ‘W’s?…. Who? What? Where? Why? When? Set the scene, educate, tell your reader a story that they won’t want to stop reading.

6) Take a break. Once you’re written you content, go on a walk, grab a coffee, call a friend – anything that doesn’t involve looking at your computer screen. When you return with a fresh pair of eyes, you’ll notice things that you didn’t half an hour ago that you might want to change.

7) Read out loud. You might get some odd looks from colleagues but reading your content out loud outlines poor flow or poor grammar in sentences that you might not pick up by simply reading through. Was it easy to read? Did it make sense?

8) Get a second look. Ask a friend or colleague to read your work. Alternatively, take a break and then re-read yourself before publishing.

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